Tips for saving money during COVID-19

1. Contact creditors right away and inform them of your financial situation due to COVID-19.

2. Pay minimum payments on all debts and save any extra (you can resume paying down debt once the crisis is over).

3.  Avoid payday loans at all cost. (Interest rates will be extremely high and cost you more in the future).

4.  Avoid withdrawing from retirement.

5. Use community and government assistance programs (food banks, etc; if you’re not in need, consider donating).

6. Transfer your credit card balances to 0% credit card (

7.  Home cooked meals are essential, especially eating “left-overs!!” (Why are left-overs so much better the second day?).

8. Cancel unused subscriptions and memberships.

9. Lower your auto premium, most companies are automatically lowering the premiums but it doesn’t hurt to check.

10. Consider conducting your own grooming (cut/style your own hair, do your own manicure and pedicure, can someone say “SPA DAY”).